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I want to get my navel pierced again because nikki has new body jewelry at the shop. This one piece of jewelry I really want. ITs a celtic knot with a "diamond" looking jewel in the center. Its like a shield so it overlaps the rest of my navel. very pretty.
The problem with my navel is that the first person who pierced it (kelly) pierced it too shallow. Then it grew out a little more when it healed so it was barely hanging on by a thread. I took it out and let the hole close up and then had my friend nate repeirce it. He repierced it a little crooked but it was deep and you couldnt really tell. NOW, it migrated back to the old hole (or where it originally was). So I took it out again and decided I wanted this shield. Problem is, I hope it doesnt migrate back again or I will be SUPER pissed the fuck off. Im tired of getting my navel pierced.. this will be number three.
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