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i tattooed

I was at sick creations the other day chilling with my (piercer) friend nate. They closed the shop early so he could get tattooed and because it really wasnt busy.
I was sitting there with artist fez and nate. we were all talking about piercing and tattooing. They were suprised at the amount of information I knew about tattooing. Maybe because I spend almost a year strait hanging out at a tattoo shop.. paying CLOSE attention...
For like three years now Ive wanted to apprentice as a tattoo artist. I know I have the shading and drawing skills needed. Unfortunatly me being a girl doesnt get me an apprenticeship that easily aruond here.
Anyway, fez let me tattoo nate.. it was more on a dare... Like " if you dont do this then your not proving to me how bad you want to apprentice"... I ended up shading almost all of a little section of nates tattoo in yellows...
It was so invigerating.. I want to do it again... I want to apprentice at sick. Unfortunatly i have to come up with a shitload of artwork to present to them and also convince jerm to let me apprentice. I was told that its highly doubtful i will get one but that i should try anyway... and With this new job its really hard to get shit together...
I want to live my dream and become an tattoo artist.. I doubt it will happen though.. instead i have to sit around and watch the people that have been artists becuase no one will let me appretnice..
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