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mnn, hey everyone its me, the mod.
I just got tattooed the other day by Billy Webb, the best tattoo artist ive ever seen. And that isnt any sort of flattery twards him. I know a lot of people go to a lot of places and get shitty tattoos and think that they are fucking out of this world, awesome. Half the time they are over priced, shitty, or are completely rediculous.
My piece still istn finished but we were able to put in a good portion on sunday. Hopefully we will finish it soon. I want to get a pic up here but i need a site to host it from. I wish taht live journal would have its own photo album that free users could use becuas that would be hot and i wouldnt have to find shitty sites to post pictures on.
Anyway, when I get them up I will post them... yum...
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